A New House, Part 5: Black Windows?

A New House, Part 5: Black Windows?

white room with black windows and doors
Anne Decker Architects

I know I’m in the midst of talking about floor plans, but today I need to skip ahead to a decision that I’m in the midst of making NOW, this week. Since I began this process I planned on having black windows.  I mean, they’re all over the internet, in all their contrasty glory. Why wouldn’t I want them?   They look clean and trim, and would give my very traditional Georgian house a slightly modern edge.  From the inside of the house they allow you to basically look through them, rather than at them, as with white windows.

white kitchen with marble counters and black windows
JTW Design, LLC
white room with checkerboard floor and black windows
Mackle Construction

Beautiful, right? And yet…… I’m questioning my decision over and over again. More than any other decision I’ve made so far, and I have made a lot decisions to get to this point! Is it just because the windows will have such an impact?  They seem to send me in a specific direction from here on out.

My plan with this house was to build a very traditional house and make more modern choices when decorating it. I like the slight edge that modern and classic bring when used together. The same sort of feeling that slightly clashing patterns or colors bring to a room. When everything is too harmonious and match-matchy I’m usually bored. But the question is, do I want the bones of the house to be a part of that edginess, or keep it strictly traditional?

windows over kitchen sink
Smith and Vansant Architects

There’s no question that white windows are so charming. They’re timeless. They blend in with the walls in an unassuming, I-don’t-want-to-be-a-bother kind of way. They’re real.

And I’ve only been talking about the inside of the house so far. What color do I want the outside of the windows to be?  I’m really leaning toward white. I just love a white house/white shutter/white window combination. It’s so clean looking, and the landscaping pops nicely against an all white house.


white houses
Highland Homes | James F. Carter Architecture | Andrew Skurman Architects

When you bring black windows into the mix it starts to look more like a modern farmhouse. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I was going for.

white house with black windows, a porch, and a pool
2016 Coastal Living Hamptons Shophouse with Marvin Windows and Doors

And then setting aside the color of the windows, there’s the question of how many grilles there should be. I’m drawn to two over two, like in the picture above. But again, that’s a little more farmhouse, not the traditional Georgian window, which is often 6 over 6. But I think I could probably get away with doing almost any number of grilles, so it’s really up to personal choice.

I do have the option to do a different color on the outside of the window than the inside. I could do white outsides with black insides. Maybe the best of both worlds? I really just have to make a decision and stick with it. When it comes down to it, there really is no wrong answer. Right?

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    1. Haha, well I knew you would, Mom 🙂 I’m actually leaning towards black inside, white outside.

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