A New House, Part 4: The Floor Plan

A New House, Part 4: The Floor Plan

first floor plan, including great room, kitchen, master bedroom, library, and garage
First Floor Plan: Jonathan Rivera

It’s floor plan day! We’re finally getting to the good stuff. If you’re just tuning in, check out the Interior Inspiration, the Exterior Inspiration, and Exterior Elevations to get up to speed. Or just jump right in here, if you so desire.

scenes of Reston, VA

I have always been obsessed with floor plans. Growing up in Reston, VA in the 70’s and 80’s, while the town was still largely under construction, one of my favorite things to do was visit model homes. And there were a lot of them. It seemed as though new developments would pop up overnight, and they always built a model home or two to showcase their designs and features, and to provide space for the sales center. My family liked to check them out on the weekends, and I would always pick up a brochure with all the available floor plans, and then choose my favorite. My parents had no intention of buying a new house, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time pouring over those floor plans.

Side Note: Given this love of new homes and floor plans, you’d think I would have thought to major in architecture in college, right? Or even interior design? Ok, maybe neither, but at least something creative? No, I majored in Business. I obviously didn’t know myself at all at that age. I did manage to add a bunch of art and design classes as electives, but still.

second floor plan, including 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a studio/exercise room
Second Floor Plan: Jonathan Rivera

Anyway, that love of floor plans carried over into adulthood, and I continued to drag my husband to model homes, and even spent some time working in one. And I was fortunate enough to get to build 2 new homes over the years before starting on this one. All of this background info is just to provide insight into HOW MUCH I would enjoy finally getting to design a home from scratch. I had many years of thoughts about what I would want in a house if I could make every choice myself.

first floor plan with master bedroom, bathroom and foyer

So, let’s talk about the plan. From the front door you enter a little vestibule, a feature I’ve loved since visiting my grandparents near Boston when I was a kid. They had a vestibule with a window on each side, and a door that closed that area off from the rest of the foyer. I didn’t go so far as to add a door, but I do have a window on the right side. I hope to use some sort of tile on the floor in that area, similar to what was typically used in old Brooklyn brownstones. From the stair hall, you can go to the right, which is the library/office/sitting/dining room I mentioned before. I’ll talk about that in the next post.

Park Slope brownstone vestibule by Chango & Co.
Park Slope brownstone vestibule by Chango & Co.

To the left of the stair hall is the master bedroom suite. I really wanted a master foyer area, and I love that there’s a window straight ahead to add natural light and a view. If you turn left from the master foyer you’re in the bathroom. I definitely wanted windows in there, but since it’s on the front of the house they’ll be really big windows! I’ll have to spend some time thinking about window treatments that provide some serious privacy. I’m excited about the little dressing area off of the shower. I have plans for a bench and some towel/robe hooks in that area. And there’s a pocket door to close the shower/dressing area from the rest of the bathroom.

To the right from the master foyer is a hallway with two walk in closets. I think I’m going to panel that hallway, with full length mirrors opposite each closet. If you continue down that hallway the door at the end provides convenient access to the laundry room, which was another goal of mine. I got my husband and I rolling laundry carts, which will make the whole process so easy! (It’s crazy the things I find exciting.) And then there’s the master bedroom, with it’s southeast exposure. I haven’t decided whether to put the bed on the wall to the right, or between the windows on the wall to the left.

barrel arch
example of a barrel arch by Anne Decker Architects

Back out in the stair hall, if you head towards the back of the house you go through a barrel arch (with a coat closet on the left, and stairs to the basement on the right) into the back hall. And on the wall opposite the barrel arch, I really want to put a floor to ceiling mural by Raji RM. Because how cool would it be to enter the house and look down the hall way to a glimpse of this? It would look like a party ALL. THE. TIME. Throughout the whole design process I was looking for a place for a Raji mural, and I think I found just the spot!

Leopold's #2 mural by Raji RM
Leopold’s #2 mural by Raji RM

Guess I’ll stop here and tackle the rest of the house plan in the next post. So, what do you think so far?

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  1. I love reading where and when your ideas have originated, and what in your past made an impression on you. As a result of incorporating these elements, living in this house will be a very personal experience.

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